International Partners

We offer access to the highest quality expertise in medical device technology worldwide.

Mr Tony Moses

Tony Moses is a C-Level executive who builds, develops and motivates cohesive internal and external teams, delivers sales and forges everlasting customer relationships. He creates and executes strategies and articulates direction to augment/strengthen competitive position and market leadership.

Tony moves easily among multi-functional and multi-cultural teams. He is noted for Leadership, International Expansion and Product Innovation. He is currently engaged as co-founder and CEO of Eyecheck, Inc, a vitamin supplement company specialising in eye health.

In addition, Tony is Founder and President of AZEYC, LLC, which focuses on assisting start-up organizations in eye care to develop their clinical program and go to market strategy.

Current clients are domestic and international organisations focused on developing medical devices and pharmaceutical compounds for the treatment of various eye diseases.

Ms Elpis Barons

Barons Medical Consulting (BMC) was founded in 2008 to assist international device manufacturers and medical technology organisations enter the medical technology market in Australia.

As Director of BMC, Ms Barons provides clinical research consulting services to international medical technology organisations, device manufacturers and suppliers.

Ms Barons has also overseen human clinical trials and studies for medical device start-ups, and undertaken cardiovascular research at the Baker Medical Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia, and Institute of Atherosclerosis Research, University of Siena, Italy which contributes to her breadth of expertise in both commercial and clinical settings.